Wednesday, 19 June 2013

coming-together on the banks of the Kamo-river

looking at these two photos above, i remembered i had similar photos from my first trip to Kyoto, six years ago. i searched for them, and here they are! 
(the following four)

actually, i am tempted to think it is perhaps the same spot, the same restaurant in the center of old Kyoto, almost suspended above the Kamo-river. only that this time it was still too cold to sit outside, but that tables had already been laid out for the guests to come... 

looking at these old photos now, the same place, different people, makes me tremble - how much has happened, in my life, in their life, of which i had been a small part, for one moment, one summer evening, just through my looking at them, at their life, like this... i couldn't get dizzier even bent over the mirror of the water, hypnotized by the glowing silence within.