Thursday, 14 November 2013

when i scoop the water, i hold the moon in my hands

During the days of the Matsudaira Lords, the summer villa, Kikugetsu-tei, was the venue for aesthetic recreations such as the Tea Ceremony, moon viewing, and poetry composition by members of the cultured samurai class. Sited in the southwest corner of the lake the house is embraced by a sand and rock garden containing byobu matsu pines and palm trees. The sand garden is combed in wave-like patterns and crossed by stepping-stone paths. 

 photo teahouse4_zps25330e33.jpg

 photo teahouse5_zps98cf2170.jpg

The front room of the villa faces east on to the lake. It is said that moon viewing parties were held there inspired by an old Cinese poem that referred to "the moon in the hand." One could touch the reflection of the moon in the pond, which gave rise to the name of the villa, Moon Scooping Summer House.

 photo teahouse6_zps75f79b3d.jpg .

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