Tuesday, 15 October 2013

timeless opening

 photo g-1-4_zpsb4928ae5.jpg



  1. this is of course not a reflection but the view onto the garden, through the mobile open "walls" of the temple, walls is not a good word for this but i don't know any other. the opening of the sliding doors, would be more accurate, i think.

  2. When the forest became a tapestry.

    A vista of sage trees.

  3. this is a beautiful deeply religious post yes it leads me to dream- my dream interpretation for today, of the source of life and when we tap it it is like the rejuvenating spring of life where we bathe with our naked souls yes the window of the bodytemple where the soul views the center.your previous naming tells it all and I loved the spiral that the nourishing cord from the mother of the universe the immaculate conception and art religion and nature are all one source and life is a metaphor a continuation a cosmic prayer viewed through a timeless opening.

    sweet blessings to you my friend.

  4. ce frumos trebuie sa te porti cu aceste lucruri,nu,cum iti impun ele,prin nimic din ceea ce poate fi spus,orice cuvant,orice plecare spre ele. da,nu exista ziduri aici,la fel cum nu exista ceva prea dur material pentru a putea simti deschiderea spre timeless,doar un pergament peste care rasar zorii si se intind copacii si marile,ca o pleoapa deschisa in ceea ce putem adnota ca lume.


  5. wow! sigh, sigh, indeed.
    so much beauty. is it for mortals?