Friday, 22 November 2013

embodied, her mystery remains

 photo temple1_zps3f1bb722.jpg

 photo temple2_zpsb5627572.jpg



  1. such complex geometries we move through!!! though this built space is certainly beautiful, the woman seems to wander, as if superfluous or lost, not the warm center around which the walls have grown ... she is more akin to the (sensual and gorgeous) tree caressed by light just outside the door, and i wish for her to escape into the open :-))


    1. yes, there is still something ghost-like about her presence, and one can imagine her as the spirit of the house, the lady ghost from some forgotten times, who is still there, wandering the rooms, wanting to be free but protecting the house as well...
      i dream of such stories tonight :-)

  2. yes I agree with James this is beautiful architecture as if it represents to me the panels of our minds based on geometric shapes.
    oui parceque naturellement tout est basée sur la géométrie.alors ca devrait etre aussi la géométrie du coeur.
    merci pour un autre chef d'oeuvre.
    bises de toutes couleurs.

  3. ce pregateste ea,ma intreb,pentru ce se pregateste,nici nu cred ca m-ar satisface,de fapt,vreun raspuns,raman in aceasta intrebare,cu privirea atenta la orice ar aparea de dincolo de ferestre, ea poate sa impleteasca panze sau sa faca ceaiul,insa aerul ramane plin de posibilitati si interogatii pentru care miscarile ei sunt in penita.