Tuesday, 10 December 2013

yellow day trip

 photo trip1_zpse10004e0.jpg

 photo trip2_zps6be4888e.jpg

 photo trip3_zps4aafdd3d.jpg

 photo trip4_zps7a52713b.jpg

 photo trip5_zpse9b37909.jpg

 photo trip6_zps24365810.jpg

 photo trip7_zps54427730.jpg

 photo trip8_zps246493b1.jpg

 photo trip9_zps04e219a2.jpg

 photo trip10_zps08bb8bef.jpg



  1. A sea of yellow carapaced turtles!

    Perhaps 'carapaced' is a word in Japanese because it doesn't appear to be one in English (again, this language, the language of business and Shakespeare, has had so many opportunities to truly be a great language (splitting my infinitives)--and yet comes up short every time. Still, i like the bobbing heads. And that canary yellow is infectious.

    1. hahaha
      indeed it is, impossible to resist :-)

      and how strange, i have exactly the same opinion about english :-P

  2. mie imi aminteste de multe aceasta,si,inlaturand cat pot de mult,cosmarurile de profesor plecat in excursie cu pustii,in aceasta postare devin Celalalt, copilul care vede o gramada de minunatii,care se incoloneaza doar asa,ca sa nu isi faca probleme,pentru care nu conteaza mai mult acadeaua decat soarele,pentru care galbenul este prilejul de a rade neostoit,copilul care hohoteste in trupul lui micut, intangibil; devin Clara:)

    1. da, copilul care reuseste sa fie el insusi, in ciuda marii disciplini de aici, aceasta uniformizare tipica lor. sper ca reuseste, e tot ce-mi doresc.

  3. hi dear Roxana, they are so sweet in their yellow hats.I love your black and white it is always so profound there is a focus on their hands pensive playful dominating the photo through their importance because their hands will build tomorrow's world.
    haha isn't one child biting the other's finger well yes unfortunately that is part of the tell tale haha.
    Have a beautiful day my beautiful friend.